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Resolving Potential Tax Problems

Consult with an Experienced Berkeley Tax Attorney

Resolving tax problems could require a substantial amount of time and effort to handle successfully. Because you might be dealing with the IRS or California state tax authorities, you will not to approach the matter casually. In such a case, it is always best that you seek legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney before setting forth on the issue.

As a Berkeley tax lawyer, I, Attorney Steven M. Simrin, have addressed numerous tax problems, and have helped clients overcome these shrewdly and skillfully. When clients to present their predicament to me, I look at the details and uncover a solution obtained from that information. I walk clients through every step their case, from the onset to the final outcome.

The Most Common Types of Tax Problems

No case will resemble the one that precedes it, therefore there are no cookie-cutter solutions to address the problem. However, there are certain issues that I have seen arise frequently, especially IRS-related matters. I have helped both individuals and businesses make educated decision. I am also prepared to represent clients in the midst of heated courtroom disagreements.

These are some of the tax problems I have encountered in my years of practice:

No matter what your circumstances call for, whether you have a contentious court battle looming or a simple dispute that needs clarification, I stand ready to help you prevail, no matter how difficult the situation might be.

20+ Years of Legal Advocacy.

Part of my commitment to your satisfaction and finding a favorable is to ensure that you receive smart and informed legal guidance while working to resolve your matter in the most effective way possible. I have over 20 years of experience, and I have worked as a Berkeley tax attorney and a certified public accountant. Because of my familiarity in both of these areas, my expertise far exceeds that of the average attorney. These lawyers may not be as familiar with tax problems as I have. That is why I am here to stand firm for you and help you obtain results.

You have many options to address your tax matter—call me now to discuss your case!