IRS Audits & Appeals

Guidance from an Oakland Tax Attorney

Are you facing an IRS audit? Are you confused by letters that the IRS has sent you? Have you been contacted by a person who identifies themselves as an IRS auditor? Think about calling me, Steven Simrin. Steven.

I am a tax, probate, and trust attorney serving Alameda County, Oakland, and the Bay Area. In addition, I am a certified public accountant. I have been representing individuals and business owners in tax law for over 20 years. I know Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area's courts well. I can help you overcome a variety of tax law problems.

Think of calling me if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Unpaid taxes
  • A pending criminal prosecution for tax charges
  • An IRS decision you want to appeal
  • A potential offer-in-compromise (OIC) with the IRS
  • IRS tax problems

How I Can Help

I have helped hundreds of other taxpayers who have become disoriented after receiving a letter from an IRS auditor. When you turn to my firm, you can rest assured knowing I put your interests first.

You can have a confidential conversation with me to learn more. My years of experience as a tax attorney means that I have likely successfully handled a situation like yours. No matter what type of IRS audit you are facing, it can be resolved. Help is available. You do not have to go it alone.

Taking Control of the Situation

One of the most frustrating things about an IRS audit is the feeling of not knowing what will happen next. Take control of the situation. An IRS tax audit can involve a constant stream of phone calls, letters, and sometimes even visits. Visits can be dangerous. Auditors usually watch what you do at work.

You do not have to feel as if you are always on your guard. Working with an experienced Alameda County tax attorney like me allows you to limit the contact that you have with the IRS.

Learn more about what an IRS audit attorney can do you for. With Steven's help, you can put your IRS audit in the past. Call (510) 444-4430 to take control of your audit.

Resolving IRS Appeals

Has the IRS or other tax agency made an unfair decision against you? Are you considering an IRS Tax Appeal? I have been helping people in need of IRS tax help for more than two decades.

My mission is to defend clients against the IRS and all California state and local tax agencies including the Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, and Employment Development Department. My negotiating skills are top-notch and I keep current with all of the latest changes in tax law.

When you are confronting the IRS or other tax agency, you want someone on your side who is hard working and attentive to your needs. I offer professional, personalized services to all of my clients. When you hire me for an IRS Tax appeal, you'll know that you have an aggressive, experienced IRS appeals attorney making your case.

Contact me today to get answers to your questions about your IRS Tax Appeals. You'll be glad you picked up the phone.