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Set Up a Trust in Alameda County

A trust is a legal arrangement that is established to accomplish one or more specific financial objectives and to communicate to any beneficiaries their respective rights and responsibilities under the trust. To establish a trust, you need a lawyer who understands the legal, financial, and business implications of trusts. I'm Steven M. Simrin, an Oakland trust attorney and CPA, and I have this background. I have been helping clients plan and set up trusts for numerous years.

My firm helps clients manage trusts in the following ways:

  • Trust administration
  • Common issues in a trust administration
  • Planning a trust
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Trust disputes and litigation
  • Trust litigation: failure to make proper and timely distributions

My office advises trustees on how to properly administer trusts as required under the laws of the State of California. I also advise beneficiaries on how to enforce their rights under trusts. Whatever questions you might have, I encourage you to send them my way.

My Trust Attorney Services

Every trust includes the following details:

  • Settlor (also called trustor or grantor) - The person who establishes the trust and determines what it is supposed to accomplish. They are responsible for drawing up the trust agreement, usually with the advice of an attorney.
  • Trustee - The person, company, or legal entity that manages the trust and oversees distribution to the beneficiary. They also manage the assets in the trust.
  • Beneficiary - The person or legal entity that receives (benefits from) the assets of the trust. These are usually family members, loved ones, or even charities.

Trust Disputes

For a variety of reasons, disputes sometimes arise between trustees and beneficiaries. My office assists clients in attempting to resolve these disputes without resorting to the courts. When such efforts are unproductive, I aggressively protect my clients' rights by representing them in trust litigation.

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Understanding Different Types of Trusts

There are many categories of trusts. Within each category, there are also nuances that make each trust unique. This means it is important for you to select the type of trust that works best for your unique needs and meets your overall goals.

Some of the most common categories of trusts are:

  • Living Trust - Also called an Inter Vivos (Latin for "between the living") trust, it is a trust that is created during the settlor's lifetime.
  • Revocable Trust - It is revocable in the sense that it can be modified or even dismantled completely by the settlor while they are still alive.
  • Irrevocable Trust - This type of trust generally cannot be revoked or modified without permission of the court.
  • Testamentary Trust - A trust that is created upon the settlor's death.

The primary reason a trust is established is to manage financial assets and control how the trust's beneficiaries receive the benefit of those assets. Other reasons for trusts include reducing the amount of legal obstacles your loved ones must go through and minimizing estate taxes.

Let Me Guide You Through the Process

With more than 15 years of experience in trust matters, and a background as a CPA, I can guide clients through the financial and business implications of trust law as well as help them resolve any disputes that may arise. Although a negotiated resolution often yields the best result, I am fully capable and qualified to handle any trust litigation that may arise.

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