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Our primary goal is to provide every member of society – regardless of age, race, gender, or financial status – a fair and equal chance in life through access to justice. We also seek to make the administration of justice more efficient, transparent, and accountable.
It’s a site for legal professionals and students alike where it serves as an online destination for quick access to current, authoritative academic sources. Within its pages, legal professionals may find research papers, annotated bibliographies, journals, and books relating to their areas of expertise. Students will have access to high-quality content and professional authors, editors, and peer reviewers who offer insight into the development of jurisprudence.

With more than two decades of legal experience, you can be confident in getting information in law matters. You can use our services like a legal encyclopedia, a lawyer database, a criminal records search engine, a crime report generator, and a legal dictionary.

This site covers legal issues, which are important to know if one plans to live, work or study there. Topics covered include; immigration policy and procedure; federal and state courts and tribunals; administrative agencies; criminal law; international relations and treaties (including extradition); military jurisdiction; naturalization; property rights; securities regulation; taxes; trade and commerce; unions, labor disputes and collective bargaining; veterans’ benefits; welfare programs; voting rights; workplace safety; land use planning; environmental protection and public health.

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