In the United States, there are laws that make it illegal to discriminate against members of any group, including race, sex and religion. These laws are called “civil rights” or “equal protection”. Yet despite this seemingly obvious basic common sense principle, Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace still exists in the country today. In this article, you are going to learn about Discrimination Law.

Who is a Discrimination Lawyer Miami?

A discrimination lawyer Miami is a person who usually works as a lawyer and who has knowledge of the laws that may make people discriminate against others, or know how to counter such discrimination. Discrimination lawyers are also called civil rights lawyers, because they only deal with cases that involve civil rights. Many discrimination lawyers also work on employment matters, but this will not be discussed in this article.

Roles of a Discrimination Lawyer

A discrimination lawyer in Miami may play different roles during the course of a case, including being an advocate for the client (also known as a client-side advocate), and also representing their clients’ interests against the opposing party. Some cases are handled entirely by one side. For example, if there is only government involvement (no private parties), then the government’s lawyer is responsible for handling all aspects of the case. In most cases, however, there will be at least two sides involved in a legal dispute. The plaintiff or complainant is the person who initiates a legal action against someone else by filing a lawsuit (in civil cases) or making an arrest (in criminal cases). Representing a client in court is called litigating.

How to Find the Best Discrimination Lawyer in Miami

The best lawyer should have the following characteristics.

Being a member of the Bar is the first requirement. Lawyers are required to have a “license” in order to practice law, which will normally be written on his/her business card. (Note that this is not an official license from any government entity, and does not guarantee you any legal protections.)

Good communication skills are also important for discrimination lawyers in Miami. Most jobs for discrimination lawyers are for-profit, so being able to communicate well with clients is crucial. Additionally, being able to project confidence when talking with people will help you work better as a lawyer as well.

Discrimination lawyers in Miami are the best people to go to if you feel that you’ve been a victim of discrimination. He/she will know how to counter the other person’s argument and what legal steps will work best for you.