What is an attorney manifestation meeting?

An attorney manifestation meeting is a meeting between an attorney and a client to discuss the status of a case. The purpose of the meeting is to allow the attorney to update the client on the progress of the case and to answer any questions the client may have. Typically, these meetings are held regularly, such as once a month or every six months.

What is the importance of a manifestation meeting

Many benefits can be gained from attending an attorney manifestation meeting.

1) Allows the attorney to update the client on the status of the case

A meeting between an attorney and a client at which the attorney shares updates on the status of the case is called an attorney manifestation meeting. This type of meeting is vital because it allows the client to stay informed about what is happening with their case and the attorney to get feedback about how they feel about the case’s progress.

At an attorney manifestation meeting, the lawyer will go over any new developments in the case, the following steps, and what they think the likely outcome will be. The lawyer will also ask for the client’s input on how they want to proceed. This is an important meeting because it helps keep everyone on the same page and ensures everyone is working towards a common goal.

2) The client can seek clarification

Clients can seek clarification from their attorney during a manifestation meeting. This is an important opportunity for the client to understand what is happening and why. If clients feel uncomfortable asking questions during the meeting, they can follow up with their attorney afterward. It can also be helpful for the client to take notes during the session to remember what was discussed.

3) Discuss future strategies

The meeting allows the attorney to develop a plan and provide evidence to the court to prove that the client is innocent. The meeting also allows the attorney to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

After the meeting, both sides will have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done to prove the client’s innocence. The attorney may also request additional time from the court to prepare for the case.

4) Enables the client and attorney to build a rapport

Attorneys and clients can use manifestation meetings to get to know each other and build rapport. This is important in ensuring that the attorney-client relationship is productive and effective.

A good rapport can help attorneys and clients communicate more effectively, understand each other’s needs and expectations, and work together more collaboratively.

5) Gives the client peace of mind

Clients often worry about what will happen to their case when they cannot be there for every step.

An attorney manifestation is a meeting that lets the client know how their attorney is progressing with their case. This gives the client peace of mind and can help them feel more involved in the process.


Attorney manifestation meetings are important for both attorneys and clients. These meetings allow the attorney to update the client on the status of the case, answer any questions the client may have, and develop a plan for how to proceed.