The shooter is almost always someone you know and trust when you live in an apartment. That trust is often betrayed by one person who thinks their anger or love will last forever and they’ll have to pay for it with a few years of their life. But what if they shoot you instead?

Getting shot is painful, scary, expensive and leaves lasting side effects, from physical wounds to PTSD. After getting shot in an apartment shooting, the first thing on your mind might be how to get compensation for the medical expenses and pain and suffering costs. In this case, hiring a good attorney becomes crucial for a quick recovery process.

Who is an Apartment Shooting Victim Attorney?

An Apartment Victim Attorney, or lawyer representing apartment shooting victims, is a speciality law firm focusing on apartment tenant issues. They will provide invaluable assistance and healthy advice to maximize the compensation you can get from the shooter. Some attorneys work alone and represent more than one victim as a solo practice.

Apartment shooting victim attorneys specialize in apartment shooting cases because early on, they became aware of this type of shooting case that would have an average payout amount of pennies compared to what other victims got. They looked into the problem and started specializing in this area to help apartment shooting victims.

What Do Apartment Shooting Victim Attorneys Do?

Apartment victim attorneys work for you, the apartment shooting victim, under a contingency fee agreement. This means that if they get compensation from the shooter, they will take a percentage as their pay based on how much compensation you receive. These lawyers will also do all of the legal work, like collecting hospital bills, submitting paperwork for your claim, negotiating with insurance companies and keeping you in the loop throughout each step of seeking justice for your shooting. The lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis charge nothing until they have won your case and received their fees from the shooter or insurance company.

Who can an Apartment Shooting Victim Attorney help?

Any person who has been injured in an apartment shooting. It may also include the statements and claims of other people present during the shooting. Additionally, if you are being sued by the landlord or insurance company for negligence, a lawyer can help you develop a defence strategy.

Examples of cases which Apartment Shooting Victim Attorneys deal with

When you are the victim of an apartment shooting, you need medical care and legal guidance. Apartment shooting victims are entitled to compensation which may include financial compensation due to permanent or temporary injuries and need for medical attention. Apartments shooting victim attorneys focus on apartment shooting cases, so they are familiar with the legal process and can provide their clients with top-notch legal services.