The process of creating new family law is complex and often complicated. When it comes to major decisions, such as divorce, learning about legal services are key to ensuring that you are protected in the event of a dispute.

This guide has all the information you need to know about finding legal help with your family law needs. It’s time to embark on a new adventure. Maybe one day, reading this will prepare your children for their own journey with the justice system.

What are Family Law Legal Services?

Family law is all about determining what happens to your personal property, assets, and debts. It can also involve issues surrounding children, such as adoption and government assistance. The most common family law cases involve divorce and separation. You see a family law lawyer when another party has caused you great harm, or if your relationship with them has come to an end.

Who are Family Law Legal Services for?

Family law services are intended for families, couples, and individuals. The laws regarding family law vary by country, state, and jurisdiction. Meant to help everyone involved living life happily in the future.

What can Family Law Legal Services help with?

Family law professionals can help with a wide range of issues. According to advocate-law, family law services can be used for the following:

  • Adoption & Surrogacy
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Domestic violence & child abuse
  • Child support & child custody
  • Unmarried couples and same sex relationships

Examples of situations which require Family Law Legal Services

Family law legal services help you navigate through this difficult process by providing you with advice and support on areas like:

Divorce: In a divorce, you’re ending your marriage under the guidance of the courts. The courts will decide how to distribute your property and debt between you when determining child custody & visitation rights.

Child Custody: This can be a long, drawn out process. It involves deciding how your children will live and what decisions they’ll make after your separation.

Adoption: This is a process that establishes legal ties between you and the child you want to adopt. You give up parental rights to your current children, which gives you the ability to legally become the sole parent of any future children.

Guardianship: If a parent has died or is unable to care for his or her child, guardianship may be necessary through legal help and family services. A guardian may be appointed by the judge if no other suitable family members can take over (i.e., foster parents).

Legal separation: This is a process in which you’re separated but not divorced. Legally, you are still part of the same family unit.

Where can you find more information about Family Law Legal Services?

If you’re considering divorce, or have already started the process, there are several resources to help you proceed:

Free family law help is available from legal aid and other non-profit organizations. You can find a list of resources at the American Bar Association website:

The American Bar Association can also help you find a qualified family law professional by providing a directory of attorneys who specialize in these types of cases. Find it at

The National Association of Women Lawyers is another great place to look for an attorney specializing in family law cases. Find that directory at

Hiring a qualified legal professional will ensure that you get the help and support you need to navigate the difficult waters of family law.

Family law professionals work with clients on an individual basis, or as part of a team when dealing with major cases. There are many different types of family law issues which require legal expertise. Everyone has the right to an attorney when facing a long, difficult court battle over a messy divorce, custody issues and more.