If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re probably wondering what type of defense Virginia criminal lawyers offer. While all lawyers provide legal advice, some are better suited to the specific type of crime you’re facing. This is where an experienced Virginia criminal lawyer comes into play. These attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to fight common charges like shoplifting and petit larceny. They can also defend you against DUI, simple assault, and reckless driving.

A Virginia Criminal Lawyer has extensive experience fighting cases in both state and federal courts. He is a licensed practitioner in the Eastern and District of Virginia and the District of Columbia. His office is available to answer legal questions and provide consultations for a criminal case. Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience, especially with a flawed justice system that puts a target on your back. Hiring a Virginia criminal lawyer is crucial in this situation, as he can help you minimize the negative impact of the charge.

In Virginia, there are two main types of criminal offenses: felony and misdemeanor. The former is less serious than felony charges and carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison. Felons, on the other hand, can carry lifelong consequences. While a felony conviction is serious, many of these offenses can be expunged or dismissed if the accused is careful. If a conviction has been made, a Virginia criminal lawyer can help you understand the consequences and protect your civil rights.

Sexual battery, meanwhile, is a misdemeanor in Virginia. A conviction in this case can carry a substantial prison sentence and fines, so it’s important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Virginia’s sex offender registry requires convicts to register with the registry. Sexual solicitation can also result in registration, and a Virginia Criminal Lawyer can help you in this situation.

Retaining a Virginia criminal lawyer is essential for most people, but many of us don’t budget for the expense. The lawyer’s job is to make sure the client’s rights are protected and that the court doesn’t get the evidence they deserve. It’s important to retain a Virginia criminal lawyer well in advance of the court date, as a prosecutor’s office may send a notice of intent to introduce evidence that you don’t want. In addition, you must file your opposition to blood alcohol content testing in Virginia in a timely manner.

In addition to criminal law, Virginia also has a behavioral health docket that imposes specialized procedures for those suffering from substance abuse issues. The attorney for the Commonwealth may prosecute cases that arise from this docket, but only if the client agrees to take it. If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, a Virginia criminal lawyer will protect your rights and help you make the best possible legal decision. You’ll get the most out of your case if you hire a Virginia criminal attorney with the experience to fight for you.